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Friday, September 26, 2014

2nd Grade Monet Inspired Paintings

These beautiful works of art might just be one of my favorite lessons of all time. They turned out so beautiful and I get compliments from teachers and visitors in the building all the time.

Second graders learned all about Claude Monet by first using their new devices to watch videos and look at his art on the National Gallery of Art Website. They looked at his style and tried to figure out how he made his art. One student described his work as "messy but neat".

The second day they use watercolors and salt on watercolor paper to make the background. They used blues, purple, and magenta to create the reflections in the water and the sky. The salt gave it a bumpy texture.

Day two they rubbed off the excess salt and used a variety of tools to add all of the plants and other things from nature. Sponges were used on the trees and bushes. They learned how to dab two colors to create shadows and textures. They used paint brushes to make the lily pads and learned how to mix tints and shades of green.

Day three was all about adding the final details and the bridge with oil pastels. They looked closely at Monet's bridge and photos of the real Japanese Bridge from his garden for inspiration.

Overall, this lesson was a great success and touched on all parts of the art making process: research using technology, painting, using different materials and tools, foreground/middle ground/background, art history.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kindergarten Line Paintings

This was the first major project of the year for kindergarten and it covered all the basics...lines, drawing, painting, and color. Day one they watched a line video, practiced drawing the lines they saw, and even learned some new lines.

On Day two they were introduced to black tempera paint and general painting procedures and painted lines on their paper. The first painting was completely guided where they copied my exact lines. The second painting was their choice and they could paint lines in different ways and directions.

Day three was an introduction to Tempera Block paint and color. They were encouraged to paint inside the sections and to show good craftsmanship. This day was all about cleaning brushes and keeping the paints from getting too watered down.

Monday, September 15, 2014

1st Grade Art Supply Drawings

First graders used their observational drawing skills to draw various art supplies found in my classroom. They learned the different between positive and negative space and had to put emphasis on the NEGATIVE space by coloring in the background only. This project was about using good craftsmanship and filling up the entire page.