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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We are obsessed with WEAVING!

I am doing some sort of weaving with my 2nd-5th graders right now and they just LOVE it. My room is constantly covered in yarn and yarn scraps, and I am completely fine with that.

2nd graders and just learning how to weave, so they are making "mini-rugs"

3rd graders and doing more advanced weaving techniques since they were introduced to it last year. They have added the Rya and the closed-slot weave to their mini rugs. Some of them are even sewing the sides of their weaving up to make little pouches. They are even making extra ones at home to use as coasters, self phone rests, and doll house rugs.

4th graders are weaving on cups.

5th graders are weaving to tell a color story. I will post more pictures as they finish them!!

Below is my example for the color story weaving. Fifth graders gets to practice by making their first weaving however they want to. Their second weaving has to be thought out and they will have to may a Key or Legend that describes each part and explains the colors they chose. They will be displayed next to their weaving. I am really for them to begin this project!!

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