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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kindergarten Artwork

Kindergarten has created a ton of art over the past few months. Here are some photos of what they've been working on!

September/November: Windy Fall Tree paintings
Kindergarten used warm colors and wavy lines to paint the "wind" in the background and learned how to make a tree by using the "Y" method with black paint.

 November/December: Owl Collages

Students followed step-by-step directions and learned how to draw a simple owl. Each class used different materials to add color to the owls. Some outlined with black oil pastel and colored in with chalk pastels (those were very messy, however), some used crayons, and others used sharpie marker and watercolors. They created the trees by tearing paper and added final touches with chalk.

December/January: Winter Wonderland Collages

Students used paper to create a winter wonderland with a gingerbread house. Students had to include at least 3 other objects besides their house to add interest. White tempera was used last to create the snow. I just love the way these turn out every year!

January/February: ROYGBV Rainbows

Students were introduced to the primary colors and color mixing by created a rainbow with red, blue, and yellow. Students had to mix the other colors AND paint them in the correct order. Finally, they were given white to experiment with tints.

 February/March: Jasper Johns Inspired Paintings

Students looked at the artwork of Jasper Johns, particularly on his number and letter artworks. After practicing writing the numbers 1-10 correctly, students used crayons to write their numbers. They had to draw 1 one, 2 twos, 3 threes, 4 fours, 5 fives, and so on all the way up to 10 tens. Then students used red, yellow, and blue watercolors to paint the backgrounds. They aren't the most elaborate artworks, but the students really needed the extra practice with writing the numbers and counting. This was also a great lesson to have students work together once they finished. They were allowed to trade art with a partner and try to find all of their numbers.

March: Crazy Paper Playgrounds

I have been slowly trying to introduce the idea of sculpture and the concept of objects being 3D to kindergarten. I began the lesson with every students holding a small flat piece of paper. They had to do something to the paper to make it stand up and "pop" out from the table. Once one of them folded it and it worked, i showed them all different types of paper folding and curling techniques. I gave each table a huge box of paper strips and students had to create a playground that they imagined. Some chose to create skate parks and roller coasters as well. At the end, students drew mini self portraits and added them to their playgrounds. This is always a great one-day activity and they really liven up the hallway for the week!

Coming Next: Self Portraits!

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