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Thursday, December 5, 2013

County Executive Art Exhibit

Every few months, our county executive , Kevin Kamenetz displays artwork from Baltimore County Public Schools in his office. In December, he held a reception to honor all of the artists whose work was displayed.

One of our third graders, Marin Morka, had her Keith Haring inspired painting displayed in the office during the winter months. Here are some photos of the reception!

Marin and county executive Kevin Kamenetz!

 All of the honored artists!

Marin in front of her artwork!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More Mandalas, Folk Art Landscapes, and Kindergarten Collages!

More 2nd Grade Folk Art Landscapes...

Kindergarten City on the Water Collages...

More 5th Grade Name Mandalas... 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers

Third graders created these beautiful Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flowers last week. They looked at Georgia's work and discussed how she enlarges, crops, and zooms in on her work. Students learned how to crop a drawing and drew their flowers on 18in x 18in paper. The next class they outlined their lines with black glue. Day three they began blending with chalk pastels, focusing on analogous colors and expressing a mood in their artwork.

 My teacher examples:

Personal Name Mandalas

Fifth graders finished their name mandalas! First created by repeating their name around a focal point and onto 8 identical but mirrored sections. Then they used a combination of colored pencils and markers to add a color scheme and unify their mandala.

The hallways are starting to fill up with art! <3
One of the 1st grade teachers in my building had her church group come out and paint this mural down the hallway leading into the cafeteria last year. It really brightens everything up and makes a nice background for all of the student artwork! :) 

3rd Grade Keith Haring

Finished Keith Haring paintings! One class painted smaller 1-figure paintings due to some difficulties in the beginning classes. The other three third grades painted large scale paintings. These were so much fun! Love the energy and movement they express!