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Sunday, December 16, 2012

November and December Artwork

Here are some of the non-winter themed artwork we have been working on.

Symmetrical Monarch Butterflies
They learned about the line of symmetry, the life cycle of a butterfly, and how to fold paper to create a monoprint with tempera. They first drew the letter "B" with orange tempera on the right side of their folder paper, and folded it to create a symmetrical print. They used orange and yellow to create symmetrical patterns on the wings, being sure to fold it each time. Then they used a small brush and black tempera for the body and wing patterns. Once dried, the butterflies were cut out and glued to a sponge painted background done the previous day. They used a q-tip to add a few white dots to finish them off!

2nd Grade
Aboriginal Dot Art
Students learned about the art of australia and created their own dot art with q-tips and tempera paint. They learned how to draw an australian animal and added designs and symbols with sharpie marker. I love how colorful and fun they turned out!

One of my 2nd graders is special needs, so I modified his project to better suit his skills. He used tempera paint and a sponge to sponge around 4 australian animal cut-outs. Then he used a black marker to draw designs inside the animal and finally a q-tip and tempera to dot. He had fun with this project I think. 
3rd Grade
Keith Haring
My 3rd graders are in the middle of creating Keith Haring inspired paintings. They read a biography of his life and looked at his artwork. They descibed his style and came up with a word list on the board including things like "energy, movement, excitement" etc... Then I had students pose while everyone else sculpted them in modeling clay. They had a blast coming up with still poses that showed movement. Some kids chose to draw instead of sculpt. After all of this prep-work, the kids picked their favorite poses and drew them on a 18x24in piece of paper. They are currently using tempera paint to finish their artwork.

One of the kids did some practice over the weekend and brought this in for me to hang. <3 
4th Grade
Huitchol Yarn Painting
Fourth graders looked at artwork Huitchol Yarn paintings and created their own using elmers glue and yarn on cardboard. They painted their cardboard first to cover up any gaps between the yarn. This took a looooong time, but the kids loved it. Many didn't finish, however, so we decided that this would be a quarter-long project where the kids can work on these simutaneously with the other projects. Here are a few finished and semi-finished.

5th Grade
Oaxoacan Animal Sculptures
Currently my 5th graders are working on creating paper mache animal sculptures. Right now they are building their armatures. Here are a few in the beginning stages.

I will post pictures of the animal sculptures as they grow!

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