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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More collages

Kindergarten cities on the water

1st Grade Matisse inspired collages

5th Grade Self Portraits with Value

5th graders are in the middle of drawing and adding value to their self portraits. This was really intense for them, but I was suprised at their effort and drawing abilities once we began. They had to draw the other side of their face, making sure to have atleast 5 levels of value. They were able to use a mirror as well as the other half of the picture to help them draw. For most of these guys, this is one of the first realistic drawing assignments/ self portraits they have had to do. I love how they are turning out!

Finished City Skylines!


2nd grade painted either a sunrise or sunset with watercolors on watercolor paper. Then they drew a city silhouette on manilla paper and evertually traced a good copy onto their black paper. They cut it out and glued windows on the buildings. A few glitter moons and stars to top it all off. These turned out really nice and they were a quick, successful project. Just what these guys needed.

This week in kindergarten and 1st grade

Kindergarten is working on monarch butterfly prints. They used yellow, orange, and black tempera to make monoprints of monarch butterflies. They painted a color, folder their paper in half, opened it back up and painted the next color. They are in the middle of sponge painting their blue sky backgrounds and will glue them next class.

1st Grade started some leaf paintings today. Instead of painting them and printing them, they sponge painted around them to make silhouette leaves. They had to use atleast 5 leaves and have some go off the edges. The kids loved this. Next class they will use oil pastels to draw the veins and add some more color.