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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lets start from the beginning

So these next few posts are going to be mostly pictures. I try to keep them in order so you can see the progress of the school year so far. I have such wonderful artists in my school! <3

Kindergarten Art:
  Windy Fall Trees

 City on the water collage

1st Grade Art:
 Mixed Media Scarecrow Portraits

 crayons, liquid watercolors, wallpaper scraps, buttons, straw

 Chuck Close/Kandinsky inspired trees

 Concentric circles & Cut paper

2nd Grade Art:
 Van Gogh inspired sunflowers

 Oil pastel on black paper

 Cut Paper Skylines

 Watercolors wash for the background, black and white/yellow paper for the buildings.

3rd Grade Art:
 Paper bag row homes

 In the middle of drawing pumpkins with chalk to come!
4th Grade Art:
 Illuminated Letters inspired by the manuscripts during the medieval ages!

 colored pencil and sharpie on white paper

 This is my example for their next project...Huitchol Yarn painting. They are in the middle of sketching and painting their cardboard this week. Gluing the yarn next week!
5th Grade Art:
 Personal Identity Flags on Fabric

 They painted white fabric with tempera paint, and once it dried, they used construction paper crayons and sharpie to add their symbols. We attached them to a dowel with hot glue.

 Coming up next...half and half self portraits. Practicing shading with a photograph.
So these were the major projects of each grade so far. Of course their were some mini fall art lessons in between that weren't photographed. Hopefully now that the wedding is over, I can get back into blogging more and sharing my kids work. BTW, many of these ideas came from or were inspired from other bloggers that I follow, so please make sure you check them out!!
-Mrs. Mazurek

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