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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bottle Cap Mural

So we have finally started working on our bottle cap mural. My friday "choice" group is made up of all boys, and somehow, they have pulled together to create this beautiful mural...all on their own. The only thing I helped with was painting the outline for the design...after a student came up with most of it on his own. The rest of the painting, planning, and gluing has all been done by my 5th graders. Here it is so far...

AMAZING 1st Grade Self Portraits

My first graders JUST started their self portrait unit, and all I have to say is WOW. Just take a look for yourself. These are unfinished...

This was their practice paper  before they started on the final self portrait drawing ^

Yes, 1st Graders drew these with absolutely no help. Just practice, practice, practice!

2nd Grade Mitten Stitching

I know I am making a lot of posts this month, but we have been really busy in the art room and I have been slacking on posting recently. I decided to try and teach stitching to my 2nd graders. Although the ones that finished, turned out great, this was an EXTREMELY HARD unit to teach. We actually decided to stop in one of my classes because all of us were just to frustrated to continue. I would do this again, but definitely with older students. If I want to teach stitching, I need to start off with EASY projects, beginning in Kindergarten.

Wacky Weaving, Op Art, and Chihuly Sculptures

5th Grade paper weaving. They learned all about warps, wefts, looms, and the history of weaving. Next they are going to make some Op Art and mount it to their weaving to create a complete dizzying effect. Coming soon...

4th Grade Dale Chihuly sculptures

Fourth graders learned all about the life of Dale Chihuly, the science behind glass blowing, and the scientific parts of a flower. Then they created a sketch of a realistic flower and are starting to use soda bottles to create a 3D sculpture of their sketch. We are using acrylic paint on the soda bottles.

Here are some unfinished works...

3rd Grade Snow Globes

Third Grade spent weeks working on these amazing cut paper snow globes. I got this idea from my mentor teacher at Seneca Elementary while I was student teaching.

Students first used oil pastels to create a watercolor resist sky with snowflakes. Then they cut it out into a circular shape and began layering paper to create a winter scene. They were allowed to use a few hole punchers, but the rest of the shapes were all hand-cut. Finally, we added a little shimmer with silver gel pens and some glitter to make them shine.

Here are a few examples:

Original Works Fundraiser

So the previous art teacher at my school set me up do do a fundraiser this year called Original Works. Our school could definitely use some money for the art department, so I wanted to make sure the students' artwork turned out awesome in hopes that parents would buy lots of things. Well, the students definitely exceeded my expectations on these. There are a few straggling classes trying to finish up their fundraiser art, but here are some that are done. I love them! :)

5th Grade Watercolor Birch Trees

4th Grade Op Art (Markers & Crayons)

3rd Grade Hawaiian Sunsets
Yellow, Red, and Black Tempera

2nd & Kindergarten Jim Dine Hearts

1st Grade painted a sunset and use black paper to create desert and cactus silhouettes. I don't have pictures of them yet, but will be coming soon. I cant wait until these go home. :)