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Friday, February 3, 2012

Youth Art Month at the Walters...

So, I have six students who will be having work hang in the Walter's Art Museum in Baltimore City in the spring. Here are pictures of their artwork!

1st Grade: Painting, Printing, Oil Pastel

2nd Grade: Oil Pastel on Paper

3rd Grade: Chalk Pastel on Paper

3rd Grade: Tempera Paint on Paper

4th Grade: Crayon and Black Tempera Paint Scratch Art

5th Grade: Watercolor and Colored Pencils

3rd Grade Winter Trees

Third graders learned all about tints and shades while making these gorgeous paintings. They used blue, white, and black to make nighttime winter tree paintings. This was a quick and highly successful art project. I got the idea off of a few of the art blogs I follow, so thanks to whoever came up with it. Third grade really does such a great job!

Kindergarten Peguins

Ripped paper penguin collages and snowmen paintings. So cute!

1st Grade Up Close Snowmen

First graders used oil pastel on black paper to draw these snowmen portraits!