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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cardboard, Cardboard Everywhere!

The fifth graders are making these amazing cardboard masks inspired by the artists Kimmy Cantrell and Eric Straw. I first came up with this unit while student teaching in a high school. The 10th graders loved it and I really wanted to be able to teach it again. I thought I would give it a try with my 5th graders, and to my suprise they LOVE IT. They are making the craziest, most amazing cardboard masks and they learned how to sculpt it into whatever they want. I actually have some of my not-so-motivated students screaming " i love cardboard, i cant wait to finish this next week"

They're not done yet, but here are some photos so far:
This picture was taken like 2 weeks ago when only 2 classes had started there are 4 classes and I am running out of room for the masks!

Mask before paint and embellishments...

One student decided to just "do this at home for fun." I counted it as extra credit. What elementary school students does homework for fun? (and it wasnt even assigned!)

A display i used to teach some of the sculpting techniques.

The bulletin board
This was when the cardboard stack was small!

Works in progress: 4th Grade Foreshortening & 1st Grade Up Close Snowmen

So here are a few projects were are working on now. I will post more pictures when they are complete.

4th Grade: Falling into Space (I got this idea off of another blog, so if it was you, THANK YOU! :)

We traced our hands and feet and then added a foreshortened body. Colored pencils and watercolors.

1st Grade Up-Close Snowmen Portraits
Oil pastels on black paper. We started with white only and then will move to full color next class.

Kindergarten Snow Man Paintings

Kindergarten practiced their tracing and painting skills with this snowman portrait. We used white tempera on black construction paper and then added some details with cut paper. So cute! :)

Up Next: Paper Snow Globe Ornaments


3rd Grade Pumpkin Shading

I know it is basically winter and Christmas is around the corner, but it took us FOREVER to finish our pumpkin shading. The third graders worked very hard and are super proud of their pumpkins. One of them is even being entered in the State House art show! These were created with chalk pastels on dark construction paper. Students learned all about Value and how light and shadow effect objects.

I love the brightness of this one!! ^

And there were some rainbow pumpkins popping up...

^^This one is being entered into the show! Just beautiful! :)

Up Next: Tints & Shades Tree Paintings and Cut Paper Snow globes!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers

Second grade was working very hard on their Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Sunflowers. First we learned all above Van Gogh and his crazy life and we looked at lots of his artwork, especially his sunflower paintings.

We then learned how to use oil pastels and blend colors to make it look like oil paint. Students drew from actual sunflower still life vases and were encouraged the draw what they actually saw. These look so much more beautiful in real life because you can actually see the thickness of the oil pastels. They loved getty messy and really working this into the paper. Amazing!!

This one looks like actual oil paint in real life. The photograph doesnt do it justice!

They learned how to blend colors to make thier vases look 3D with light and shadow.

1st Grade Fall Trees

So first grade painted trees using the "Y" method with tempera paint. On day two, we added details on the ground with oil pastels and sponge printed the leaves. Day 3, we took actual leaves and printed them in fall colors on giant pieces of paper. Lastly, we matted our tree paintings with our leaf prints. We used a touch of gold glitter paint on our prints to make them shimmer as you walk by. First grade did a great job on these! :)

My first grade prodigy. He is absolutely gifted...

We talked about how branches grow towards the sun. Most kids got the idea, a few didnt... lol

Just Amazing!

Here is the display when you walk into the school. There are some kindergarten paper bag trees as well.

Next: Up-close Snowman Portraits