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Friday, November 11, 2011

5th Grade Who Am I? Silhouettes

Fifth grade has been working very hard on their Silhouette Self Portraits. They had to come up with a written list that answers the question "Who am I?" They had to answer four different questions: Who am I? What do I believe? Where am I from? What are my favorites? and turn their answers into visual symbols.

We traced each students silhouette and they filled their heads with symbols drawn in Sharpie. Then they used colored pencils and watercolors to add color and details.These really turned out great:

Next: Cardboard masks inspired by Eric Straw and Kimmy Cantrell!

4th Grade Scratch Art Portraits

Fourth grade created their own scratch boards by coloring very hard with crayons on tag board. Then they covered their designs with black paint (plus a little dish soap) to create the surface. They learned all about visual textures like stippling, scumbling, hatching, and cross-hatching, and applied those to their animals. They learned how to break the animals into basic shapes in order to draw them. We used semi-transparent paper to help trace the basic shapes, but all of the textures and details were drawn from observation. We transferred our sketches to our scratch boards with chalk and began scratching away!

Many students' scratch art portraits turned out great. We did have to touch up a few with black paint who went scratch crazy and scratched too much. The ones that didn't work out so well were the ones that weren't colored enough. You have to color REALLY HEAVY to make these work.

Here is some of their work:

Third Grade Op Art!

Third grade worked really hard on their Op Art Paintings. They learned about warm and cool colors and how when placed next to each other they pop out. They learned about the style of Op Art and created a concentric line design. Finally, they placed their hands in their line design to make it more personal. Some were created with tempera, and some were created with sharpie and watercolors. The tempera definately worked better. Some of them were also finished with oil pastels.
Next: Pumpkin Shading with Chalk Pastels

2nd Grade Imaginary Backgrounds

Second grade finished their imaginary backgrounds. I'm not sure if these were as successful as I wanted them to be. It was a good intro first unit, but I'm not sure if I would do it again. They chose an image from a magazine, and then using watercolor resist, had to create a background for the image. We touched on foreground and background a little bit. Here are the results:

Next: Van Gogh Inspired Sunflowers

1st Grade Kandinsky Inspired Circles

First Grade finished their Kandinsky unit. They learned all about the primary and seconday colors by watching a color mixing water show and having an experiment day with paint. Then they used yellow, red, and blue to make these beautiful concentric circle paintings. Here are the paintings all put together to look like a giant Kandinsky!

Next: Fall Trees with painting, printmaking, and oil pastels!

Kindergarten Shape Houses

 So Kindergarten finished their shape houses. First we learned about the four basic shapes: circle, triangle, square, and rectangle and created a basic house. Students had to trace and cut out each shape and collage them together to make a house. Once everything was glued, students added details with markers. Here are some finished ones:

Now we are learning all about color and we are making tissue paper leaf suncatchers. Pictures will be coming soon...