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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

Well, first I should introduce myself. My name is Chelsea Grubbs and I am the art teacher at Edmondson Heights Elementary School in Maryland. This is my first year teaching, and I have to say, I absolutely love my school and my students. After a rocky start to the school year (earthquake, hurricane, power outages) I have finally met all of my students and we are into our first big projects.

My classes are 50 minutes long and I see each class once a week. I am extremely lucky because I have a kiln, a projector, and even an Elmo in my classroom. Here are a few pictures of my room from the first week of school.
Brand new art tables came in during the first week of school! LOVE THEM!

 My HUGE bulletin board wall.

 "Be Inspired" is written on my window for students who are daydreaming or just need some motivation!

 My desk. Of course the students were going crazy over my melting clock.

Hopefully, I will be updating this blog weekly and as our artwork progresses. I hope to use this as a way to communicate with parents and students about what we are doing in art and also as a way to see what all the other art teachers out there are doing. Feel free to use any ideas off of this site.

I look forward to a fantastic year at Edmondson Heights Elementary!

-Ms. Grubbs

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