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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mini-Me Self Portraits

So, the first artwork of the year is finally up! Due to my Monday's classes starting off 2 weeks behind (hurricane & labor day) I wasn't able to finish my first artwork displays until today.

Each student in 1st through 5th grade created a monochromatic "mini-me" self portrait. On the first day of art class, we quickly discussed the rules and did an art room tour, and then went to work on our self portraits. We briefly reviewed the basic proportions of the face and what monochromatic meant. Students were encouraged to try their best and make their "mistakes" into art.

Each table was given a set of crayons, markers, and colored pencils of the same color, but with many different shades of that color. Students had to include their face, an interesting background, and hide their name somewhere in their background design. This was a really good way to evaluate their skill levels and see where each of my students are in their creative journey as artists.


This first day of art project was inspired by two blogs: and Thank you both!!

-Ms. Grubbs

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