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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kindergarten Line Paintings

So the first real assignment for my Kindergarteners this year started with the most basic element of art: LINE! The first day of this unit we discussed lines and thought of as many types of line as we could. Wavy, straight, curved, spikey, zig-zag, bumpy, etc... We even learned the words horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

 Students drew five different types of lines on their paper in crayon. The second day, we used watercolor paints for the very first time and learned how to paint inside the spaces we created with our lines.

This was a very crazy first project to have with Kindergarten because I'm not quite sure they were ready for sharing watercolor paints and putting on art shirts just yet. I did LOVE the results I got and I was so impressed with some of their painting skills!

Next: Shapes Collages!

-Ms. Grubbs

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